7 essential furniture pieces for your living room

There are some essential furniture pieces you should have in your living room. For example, single occasional chairs are one of the crucial furnishing pieces for your living room. However, it is primarily a place where you receive guests and host events at home. 

In addition, you can also spend time with your family and relax after a long tiring day in this room. It is often an area at home where you do many furniture rearrangements. Furthermore, it is probably the most furnished space out of all the other areas.

So, you need to pay close attention to each furnishing piece to complement one another in both functionality and design. Here, we will be giving you the essential pieces for your living room furniture. In addition, we will describe the functions of each furnishing item according to your needs and space requirements.

Important Furniture Pieces For The Living Room

1) Sofa


Let us talk about one of the essential furnishing pieces for your home. First, however, any living room would not be complete without a sofa. It is the largest furniture piece and primarily the highlight of the living space. 

Instead, you should list down sofa as the first living room essential furnishing piece. In addition, the sofa is paramount to setting the right tone of your space. Furthermore, you should consider a few things before purchasing a sofa for your space. Also, you can explore your favourite affordable lounge suites at various online stores.

The appearance of the sofa helps determine the aesthetics, tone, and mood. In addition, sofas are preferred by homeowners that are into the more traditional style. It is because of their structured design that is most commonly used only for sitting.

Hence, it goes well with homes with spacious living spaces, as sofas are larger than couches. Moreover, couches are smaller, which makes them perfect for homeowners with small rooms. It is also commonly used for laying down.

2) TV Stand Or Entertainment Centre

TV Stand

The living space is an area where you relax. Also, you can even spend time with your family while watching a movie on the weekend. Due to this, Plasma TV stands or an entertainment centre is an essential furnishing piece in the living space. 

Similar to couch and sofa, they also differ in terms of their size. So, if you have limited space, then a TV stand will be a perfect fit in your room. It is because it consumes less space in your room. 

On the contrary, if you have a spacious room and have many devices to place aside from the TV itself. So, for this, the entertainment centre is the furnishing piece for you. In addition, they are longer and broader in terms of size. 

Primarily, they have more compartments that can hold other devices for entertainment. So, you can make your selection between the two of them and look for one that works best for you. 

3) Coffee Table

coffee table

Coffee tables are essential as it complements your lounge suite. Moreover, you cannot imagine a room without a coffee table in the middle. Indeed, it is a very functional furnishing piece that you can use to place your books, drinks, magazine, and your coffee. 

You should select a coffee table that matches the look of your sofa. In addition, picking the tables with mixed materials like wood and metal should be easy to match. Moreover, it also depends on your usage of the table.

If you do not like drinking or eating in your living space, you must avoid selecting a cushioned coffee table.

You can place a centrepiece or something like a flower vase to accentuate the look of your coffee table. Suppose it may be glass, wood, or metal material. It is no doubt that coffee tables serve your living space with some added texture to your theme.

4) Ottoman


The ottoman is a multifunctional furnishing piece. Since it can be a table, chair and serve as an extra storage space for your magazines or books. This furnishing piece also goes well in the bedroom as accent furniture apart from the living area.

Moreover, it adds texture to your room because of its colours, shapes, and patterns.

5) Accent Chair

accent chair

If you are aiming for a stylish vibe or at least a furnishing piece that will add vibrance. Indeed, it makes the colours pop and set a different tone in your room. Then, an accent chair is a good option for you. 

Primarily, chairs come with the lounge suite you purchase. However, you can avoid selecting them in a set. So, you can place accent chairs instead that will complement the sofa or couch you have in the living area. 

6) Side Table

side table

There are multiple ways you can mix furniture styles with any space in your home. However, especially in the living area, you can create consistency in the design and texture of the furnishing piece.

Hence, adding a side table that matches the coffee table’s pattern, design, and material. Furthermore, it will help achieve that consistency in texture and vibe for your living area. 

Instead, you can place a lamp, vase, and picture frames on the side table to create volume.

7) Bookcase Or Bookshelf


Similar to the other furnishing pieces, the bookcase and the bookshelf also differ in size. However, the bookcase is perfect for larger living spaces as it is usually freestanding and has multiple shelves. 

On the contrary, the bookshelf is ideal for smaller living spaces as it is single-sized and can be wall-mounted. Indeed, both of them add to the comfort and neatness of the room. 

You can use them to place some figurine displays or indoor plants for added aesthetics in addition to holding books. 


You have gained a list of furnishing items and their design to furnish your living area. In addition, you get information about all the different furnishing pieces that complement the look and theme of your home. Moreover, you have obtained a combination of furnishing items to make your living space unique.